The 31st Annual Venice Italian Feast & Carnival

Italian Feast & Carnival

Do you love Italian food and culture? If so, you’re going to love attending the 31st Annual Venice Italian Feast & Carnival. This isn’t your normal outdoor festival. The Venice Italian Feast & Carnival really goes above and beyond to provide you with an experience you’ll remember for a long time to come. If you want to celebrate Italian culture with all your friends and neighbors in the Venice area, you have to make it out to this celebration.

It’s going to be taking place on Feb. 21 to 24, so you will have plenty of opportunities to explore around and see what’s on offer. It will be at the Venice Airport, and parking is only $6. When you consider that the carnival itself is free, that’s a pretty good deal. There’s a lot for you to enjoy at a low price. Here is what you can expect when you attend.


This isn’t just a carnival… it’s an entire feast, and that will be obvious from the second you get to the celebration. From ravioli to stromboli to cannolis, you’re going to taste it all at this carnival. You probably know that Italian food can get pretty rich, so see if you can just get a taste of everything. That way, you won’t get so full that you can’t try everything that looks delicious.

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Italian Culture

Do you ever wish you had more of an opportunity to incorporate more culture into your life? When you come to this carnival, you’ll get to learn all about Italian culture. It’s more than just the food. Italians have a certain way of life, and you’ll get a glimpse into that kind of life when you attend. This is a great learning opportunity for people of all ages, but it’s especially something you should consider if you have kids. They will love the opportunity to learn in a fun and unique way.

You’re going to need a way to get to the 31st Annual Venice Italian Feast & Carnival and everywhere else you go around town on a daily basis. And when you come to Venice Toyota in Venice, Florida, we can make sure that you leave with a car that has everything you need.