5 Ways Regular Oil Changes Protect Your Toyota

Car mechanic at work

You like to push the limits in life, and that includes extending the time between oil changes. How much can it hurt if you drive an extra thousand or so miles between oil changes, right? It turns out it can hurt quite a bit. Regular oil changes protect your Toyota and keep it up and running. In fact, regular oil changes come with lots of benefits.

Increases Your Engine’s Lifespan

As a driver, you must count on your engine to power your vehicle. Therefore, you want it to last for years and years. That’s one of the reasons why receiving regular oil changes is beneficial. When you change your oil regularly, it is able to protect and lubricate your engine. You don’t have to worry about harmful debris making its way into the engine, so the engine lasts longer.

More Efficient

Toyotas are known for being incredibly efficient, but you need to change your oil regularly to maintain that efficiency. Regular oil changes keep your engine lubricated, which reduces friction. That reduces the energy your engine has to expend, so you will spend less time and money at the pump.

Improved Performance

When you lubricate your engine with clean oil, you improve the performance. Your engine is able to provide you with a smooth, quiet ride. Who wouldn’t want that?

Fewer Harmful Emissions

Do you care about the planet? Getting your oil changed on a regular basis can be beneficial to the Earth. If you have an older vehicle, it might burn through old oil and send out harmful emissions. This is less likely to happen when the oil is clean and new.

Less Dirt and Debris

Clean oil doesn’t contain all of the dirt and debris that old oil does. When your oil is clean, it is less likely that dirt and debris will build up in your engine. If you keep your engine free from debris, it will be easier for it to keep chugging along.

You don’t have to do it alone when it comes to oil changes. Let the service team at Venice Toyota in Venice, Florida, take care of your oil changes for you. Then, all of your information will be in the computer when it is time for a trade-in. That way, our trade-in team will know that you take care of your vehicle from one month to the next.