Learn More About the Areas That Surround Venice


You always want to take the opportunity to explore more, right? Well, when you live in the Venice, Florida, area, that’s pretty easy to do. There are so many great towns and islands to visit within driving distance from you. Whenever you want to take a day trip and get away from it all for a while, you should check out some of the following places. Whether you want to go to the beach, look for someplace to shop, or just want to try out a new local restaurant, these nearby spots will have exactly what you’re looking for.

Anna Maria Island

Want to enjoy the day on one of the most beautiful islands around? Then make your way to Anna Maria Island. This island has several beaches that people love to visit year-round. Plus, there is a trolley that connects all the different beaches, so it’s super easy to get around. Check it out when you want to see something different for a change.


If you love to fish, you have to head to Clewiston. It’s the perfect destination for Okeechobee bass fishing. If you just want to spend some time to view nature, you can go out on an airboat. You can also visit Sugarland Express to learn about the agriculture in the area, from sugar to citrus.

Fort Meyers Beach

Looking for some nightlife? You can’t go wrong at Fort Meyers Beach. First of all, this is a beautiful beach to visit during the day. But you can also walk around to all the restaurants and bars that are in town if you are looking for a place to go out for the night. There are also several parks to check out if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle.

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Siesta Key

No matter what you’re looking for out of your day trip, you’ll find just about everything at Siesta Key. Contrary to its name, this place is anything but sleepy. The beach there is all the rage, and you can also step in from the sun to have a drink or a bite to eat at its many restaurants and bars. You can even do some shopping when you visit.

Now that you know all the great places you can visit in the area, you just need a car, truck, or SUV that will get you to all of your favorite destinations. At Venice Toyota in Venice, Florida, we have what you need.