Looking for a Budget-Friendly Date? Check Out These Ideas in Venice

Couple watching the sunset in a convertible car on the beach

Do you want to impress your date, but don’t have a lot of extra cash? Fancy meals and out-of-town getaways might be impossible, but you can still have lots of fun. The city of Venice offers a number of budget-friendly date options that are perfect for couples who are watching their money. These date ideas prove you can still have fun, even if your bank account is less than desirable.

Hit the Beach

Venice Municipal Beach is the perfect spot to take a date. It won the 2008 Best Restored Beaches Award, so it is better than ever. It includes two sand volleyball courts, boardwalks, and a picnic area. Plus, there is a concessions area if you need to buy something to eat or drink. Pack up your beach chairs and hit the sand and surf. Your date is certain to have a blast.

Visit the Venice Fishing Pier

If your date likes to fish, a trip to the Venice Fishing Pier is in order. You don’t need a fishing license to drop a line at the pier. Fishing might not be the most romantic thing you can think of, but the fishing pier is the perfect location to take in a sunset. That is definitely romantic, so you can have a lot of fun during the day, and a lot of romance when the sun goes down. That is a recipe for an amazing date.

Go to Dome Flea and Farmers Market

The Dome Flea and Farmers Market is another great choice. It’s one of the biggest and oldest farmers markets in the area, and it is located inside of an original lumber mill. If you stop by, you can browse through over 300 booths, where you can find everything from fresh produce to jewelry. Since the flea market is home to lots of bargains, you can buy that special someone a little something without spending much money.

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