Celebrate Iced Tea Day with These Recipes

iced tea with lime wedge

Iced Tea is an amazing and refreshing beverage loved all over the world. It is loved from the southern United States, Florida for example, all the way across continents into Venice, Italy and even further into the austere halls of Japanese tea houses. In honor of Iced Tea Day celebrated on June 10th, we’re sharing three delicious, unique iced tea recipes that you can enjoy on this special day. We show Iced Tea made in various ways to delight your own house guests, no matter where they call home.

Japanese Green Tea

The Japanese have been enjoying iced Green Tea for decades. Discover three ways that you can make Green Tea today!

The first recipe is simple enough: Put 7 to 8 grams (1.5 tbsps) of Gyokuro or Sencha into a teapot. Then fill the pot with ice and wait to thaw. Do not heat. Wait for the natural thawing process to happen. Finally, pour the tea from the pot into each cup alternating between each cup slowly and carefully. Each cup gets an equal amount of tea in order for each person can get the full taste.

The next method for brewing Green Teas is by heating it in hot water then cooling quickly in glasses filled with ice. The recipe is as follows: Put 7 or 8 grams of Gyokuro or Sencha leaves in a teapot and pour 200 milliliters of water at no less than 176 water into the pot and wait at least 3 minutes. Then you pour tea from the pot into glasses already filled up with ice cubes, and take care to fill each cup alternatively so each cup gets an equal amount of flavor and aroma.

The final method is to brew using cool water. This is simple and allows you to store the leftovers for later for longer lasting. First, you place 7 to 10 grams of the traditional tea leaves and pour 500 to 1000 milliliters of cool water into a large teapot. Store it for at least 3 hours. Finally, after you take the tea from the refrigerator, shake the pot in a horizontal direction to equally distribute the tea flavor.

Venetian Tea

Venice’s version of tea is called Bellini Iced Tea. A simple recipe is as follows: You will need 16 cups of water, 10 bags of herbal Peach Tea, 6 cups of Black tea, 2 cups of sugar, and 4 to 6 cups of cool water. Once you have gathered all your ingredients, now you can brew your Bellini Iced Tea. First, bring water to a full boil then cut off the heat and add in tea bags, steep about 10 bags then take out tea bags. Next, you should stir in sugar while the mix is still warm and stir in cold water for the best taste. Chill for a little while then enjoy!

Southern Iced Tea

Finally, this recipe list brings you to the tropical ever warm Floridian shores. A recipe for traditional Florida Iced Tea typically involves alcohol. It is a cocktail and is usually served in a Collins glass. Its simple recipe goes as follows: 1/2 ounces of vodka, 1/2 ounce of gin, 1/2 ounce of light rum,1/2 ounce of orange Curacao and then a splash of Sprite or 7 Up. Finally, fill to the top with your choice of OJ.

Various Possibilities

Iced Tea is not only refreshing, but it is also clearly diverse. You can drink it in the traditional southern way or as Green Tea. You can even infuse it with alcohol to make a super delicious cocktail!

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