Decorate for Thanksgiving with These Festive DIY Projects

Decorate with Thanksgiving DIY

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving, and you know what that means. Lots of time with family and friends, delicious food, and a cozy atmosphere that helps offset the chillier weather. Check out some easy ways to decorate your home for Thanksgiving with some simple DIY projects. You’ll make your house look great and have some fun in the process.

Golden Fruit Centerpiece

This project is classy and warm all at the same time. You can either use faux apples or pomegranates, both of which look great in a metallic color. Simply put the fake fruit on a wooden skewer to hold it in place, and then cover it with copper leaf. Put these in a large bowl or on a plate on the center of the table, and you have a simple centerpiece that nobody would even suspect was handmade.

Garland of Felt Leaves

Felt is a super inexpensive material and really easy to work with, so this project shouldn’t take long. Simply use fall-themed stencils to outline the felt, and then cut it out. After you’ve done that, you can either sew the pieces together to make your garland or just use holes in the felt to keep it all together. This is a great project for the kids to help with.

Chalk-Painted Pumpkins

Chalk paint is all the rage right now, but who knew you could use it on pumpkins for such a cool effect? Simply go to your local hardware store to pick out some high-quality chalk paint. Then, instead of carving your pumpkin, you can paint it instead. When it dries, you can actually write or draw on the pumpkin. Or just leave it plain for a unique look.

Fall Door Greeting Wreath

Instead of a traditional wreath, why not add a little personalized message to yours? An old tray can easily be turned into a sign by painting the bottom with chalk paint. Then, with your neatest handwriting, craft a welcoming or fall-themed message. Cover the outside border of the tray with decorative fall leaves and berries, and all your guests will feel right at home.

Mason Jar Vases

This is an incredibly easy project that almost anyone can do. Get some mason jars and paint them white. Then, you can group a few together and put a letter on each to spell out the words, “fall,” “autumn,” “thanks,” or whatever best captures the season for you. Put flowers inside the jars to add a finishing touch.

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