Where to Dive in Venice

Dive underwater

If diving is an activity that is engraved into your DNA, then you’re lucky enough to live in Venice, FL. Now, you just need to decide which charter to use for your next dive. You are likely overwhelmed by options, so make it easier on yourself by checking out some of the top charters in the area. Then, you will be certain to go on an amazing dive that you won’t forget.

Aristakat Charters

Aristakat Charters is one of the most popular diving companies in Venice. You will go out on a 28-foot Pro Cat Catamaran. As a barebones charter, you are required to supply all of your own gear, but the company can arrange for rental equipment if you let them know in advance. During the summer months, you will go out on two 1 hour and 30 minute dives. In the winter, you’ll go out on a one hour dive. You can visit The Boneyard with this company, which is home to lots of Megalodon teeth.

Florida West Scuba and Charters

Florida West Scuba and Charters is also popular with people in Venice. This company specializes in Shark Tooth Dive charters, so you can expect to come back with some souvenirs. You also might find prehistoric horse bones, whale bones, and more. The company supplies tanks and weights, but you’ll need to bring a shark tooth bag and a compass. They also sell bags in the dive shop, so they have you covered if you forget to bring one.

Aquanutz Dive Charters

You can also have a lot of fun with Aquanutz Dive Charters. The company has an assortment of unique dive areas, and you can also find shark teeth when you go out. They custom tailor the dives based on your skill level, so you are sure to have a lot of fun.


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