Entertaining The Kiddos This Summer In Venice

girl watering flowers

Schools out for Summer! No more after school activities to fill the days. We want to help the parents out to find ways to entertain your little munchkins! Forget camp and pricey vacations, these creative activities come with almost no cost! Hop on in your Toyota and take part in some of these easy yet fun ideas for your kiddos!

Go for a hike!


If this isn’t perfect for summer I do not know what is! This activity not only gives your kids  a chance to exercise, but you! Go explore nature and catch some fresh air at all of the trails in Venice. Encourage your kids to look at all the wildlife around them while they can cool off by a stream of water! Be sure to bring a back pack full of water and snacks to munch on.

Camping, in your backyard!

Camping in back yard

Pull out the tents and sleeping bags in your attic and set up a mini campsite in your own backyard! Be sure to get wood for a fire and tons of hotdogs and s’mores. Once the sun goes down, take out the flashlights to tell ghost stories and look at the beautiful stars. This is guaranteed a good time.

When life gives you lemons..

Lemonade Stand

Make a lemonade stand! Every kiddo absolutely loves the ideas of this. Set up a stand in your front yard, down the street or the beginning of the neighborhood and let your kids do the selling. Not only is this a perfect kid-friendly activity but it will leave a few dollars in their pocket!

Slip and Slide

Slip and Slide

We all know those hot summery days when all we want is to be by water but do not have a pool. That’s okay – head to the hardware store down the street, grab a big ole tarp and you’ve got yourself a homemade water slide. Grab some soap and get the water hose running and your kids will never want to get off this bad boy! Want to add in a little extra fun – fill up water balloons and let the games begin.



Make your summer not just about you, but about others! There is always wonderful volunteer opportunities all around us. Help deliver meals, mow someone’s yard , play games with residents or help at the local animal shelter – the list goes on. Whatever it maybe, this a great way to get not only the little ones involved, but the whole family!