How Far Can My Toyota Camry Get on a Tank of Gas?

Toyota Camry Gas Mileage

You love to zip around Venice, Florida, in your 2016 Ford Camry. Sometimes, you even like to take it past Venice for a cross-country vacation. Before you leave home, though, you want to know just how far your Camry can get you on a tank of gas. When you figure out how far the Toyota Camry can take you on a single tank of gas, you will be very impressed.

To figure out the range of the Camry, you just need to do some basic math and multiply the fuel tank capacity by the gas mileage. Keep in mind that there are four different configurations of the 2016 Camry that give you varying fuel economy ratings, so each of these will have its own range.

Camry with a 4-Cylinder Engine

The base version of the Camry is configured with a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. This engine will give you 25 mpg* in the city, 35* on the highway, and 28* combined. Factor in the standard fuel capacity of 17 gallons, and it is easy to see how far your Toyota Camry can go. With city driving, this Camry will take you 425 miles; it can take you 595 miles on the highway or 476 miles with combined driving.

Camry with a V6 Engine

The fuel economy figures for the Camry with the 3.5-liter V6 engine are 21 mpg* city, 31 mpg* highway, and 25 mpg* combined. Since all Camrys have the same 17-gallon fuel tank, the math is similar to the 4-cylinder engine. The V6 will take you 357 miles in the city, 527 on the highway, or 425 miles of combined driving.

Camry Hybrid LE

If you want to go further on a tank, pick the Camry Hybrid. The LE trim gets the best fuel efficiency of 43 city/39 highway/41 combined mpg*. This means you can go 731 miles in the city, 663 on the highway, or 697 miles combined with this particular Camry.

Camry Hybrid XLE or SE

The Camry Hybrid XLE and SE trims are only slightly less efficient than the LE, getting 40 mpg* for city driving, 38 on the highway*, and 40 combined*. Therefore, owners of this type of Camry can travel 680 miles in the city and with combined driving or 646 miles if they stick to the highway.

Now that you know how far the various Toyota Camry configurations can go on a single tank of gas, visit Venice Toyota in Venice, Florida, and pick one up today. We have new and pre-owned Camrys available, ready to go home today. Of course, you won’t have to stop at home with your new Camry. You can keep driving for hundreds of miles in this efficient vehicle.