Prepare for Big Laughs at the Improv Festival in Sarasota

Laughing people at the Improv Festival

On July 13th – 15th, you will have the opportunity to have some big laughs and make some even bigger memories! The 2017 Improv Festival offers three whole days of comical relief. You won’t want to miss this awesome event. The featured lineup will keep you laughing until your stomach hurts! For more information about the festival, check out this link here!


Tickets for this event are going quickly so make sure you purchase yours ASAP! Below are the quick links to each ticket package.

Two Day Pass – Friday AND Saturday – $65
Single Day Pass – Saturday – $49
Single Day Pass – Friday – $49
Single tickets – $10
Single tickets for Headliner – $25
Single tickets for Just For Laughs – $6
Workshops – $35 each or BUY THREE for $90

**Be sure to take advantage of the free trolley service in downtown Sarasota. The rides are FREE, but tipping your driver is definitely welcomed. For your free ride, call (941) 364-7530. 

The Ultimate Lineup

The lineup for this year’s event is looking good! It features entertainers from all over the country, and even some international comics. Expect each performer to come out swinging in their Improv comedy talents. You’ll see groups such as BLANK! The Musical, Grupo Complot/Escena, Available Cupholders, Dad’s Garage, ImprovBoston, SAK Comedy Lab, and many more! Click here to read more about the scheduled groups.

Make sure you mark your calendars for this amazing weekend of fun! For a complete list of the performers and their performance times, refer to the schedule below:

Thursday, July 13th

7:00pm – FST Improv, Dear Aunt Gertrude, Equanimity, Just the Funny
8:30pm – When X Meets Y, Sick Puppies Comedy, The Third Thought, Square One Improv
10:00pm – FAST Florida All-Star King of the Hill Competition

Friday, July 14th

6:00pm – FST Improv
7:00pm – Brouhaha
7:00pm – ImprovBoston
7:00pm – Villain Theater
8:00pm – Dad’s Garage
8:00pm – Available Cupholders
8:00pm – BLANK! The Musical**
8:00pm – Grupo Complot/Escena (Spanish Show) *
9:00pm – STACKED
9:00pm – Joe Bill & Friends
9:00pm – Parallelogramophonograph
10:00pm – North Coast Improv

Saturday, July 15th

11:00am – Just For Laughs
5:00pm – Grupo Complot/Escena
5:00pm – Hawk and Wayne
6:00pm – Available Cupholders
6:00pm – Big Bang Improv
6:00pm – STACKED
7:00pm – North Coast Improv
7:00pm – Parallelogramophonograph
7:00pm – Joe Bill & Friends
8:00pm – ImprovBoston
8:00pm – Dad’s Garage
8:00pm – SAK Comedy Lab
9:00pm – BLANK! The Musical**
10:30pm – All Play


You also have the opportunity to take workshops and improve your own performance skills! These workshops will be hosted and taught by some of the country’s most comical Improv geniuses! Refer to the schedule below for a look at what time each workshop begins.

Workshop Schedule:

Friday’s Workshop

3:00 – 5:00pm

Emotional Listening

Saturday’s Workshops

9:00 – 11:00am

Fresh Squeezed-Characters Not From Concentrate.
Stories that matter!
Improvised Stand Comedy or The Comedic timing in Improvised Monologues
Red Light District
The Scene-Style Cheat Sheet
Lucid narrative: Conscience of all the basic elements of improvised stage writing
Playing with Emotion

11:30 – 1:30pm

Intro to Musical Improv
Power Improv Toolkit
Intro to Hip Hop Improv
Everything is Relevant. Nothing Matters.
Villainy: Being Bad Onstage
Seamless Specifics

2:00 – 4:00pm

Reinventing ShortForm
The First 30 Seconds
Advanced Hip Hop Improv
The Devil is in the Details

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