Exactly Why Venetians Love the Sun Fiesta

Sun Fiesta Entertainment Venice
The annual Sun Fiesta in the lower town of Venice is one of the most popular events. This festival is usually celebrated on every third weekend of October since it’s the perfect time of the year because of the sun. Moreover, the weather is usually mild and awesome during the... [read more]

2016 Mirai: A Review

2016 Mirai Florida
New in the Toyota lineup for 2016 is the Mirai, a fuel cell car. This means that the Mirai is powered by hydrogen, an electric motor, and a battery. Similar to a hybrid, the power control unit decides when the car should be powered by the fuel cell stack and... [read more]

Top 5 Condo Rentals in Venice

Looking for a condominium to rent in Venice? Look no further. Here are the top 5 places to rent in Sarasota County! San Marino San Marino is a very nice 12-unit building just steps from the Gulf of Mexico. The beach is private as only San Marino and two sister properties can... [read more]

Don’t Overlook the Toyota Tacoma for Your Next Family Vehicle

Toyota Tacoma Venice
When people see the Toyota Tacoma, they often think of power and fun. What many overlook is that that it is also great for families. Here are some reasons why the Toyota Tacoma could well be your next family vehicle. Toyota Tacoma Interior and Exterior Space It’s no surprise that a pickup... [read more]

10 Reasons the Toyota Sienna Is Perfect for Venice Families

Toyota Sienna Venice
Florida has a reputation for lots of sun and sports cars, but what about the families in our area? Is there a vehicle that would fit the needs of Venice families that is still stylish? Absolutely! Here are the top 10 reasons why the Toyota Sienna combines all the right... [read more]

Sarasota County Attractions You Can’t Miss

Sarasota County is home to many attractions for all ages! Check out the list we have compiled for all your weekend needs! Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Nestled on the shores of beautiful Sarasota Bay, Selby Gardens is a tropical urban oasis with something for everyone. Relax amidst nature’s beauty and allow the... [read more]

Signs Your Radiator Is Leaking

Radiator Leaking Venice
It’s a situation that can seem scary when it happens to you. You’re on your way somewhere in your car and you see a high-temperature warning light or you see the temperature gauge on high. Although it could be the sign of something serious, it is commonly just the sign... [read more]

2016 Toyota 4Runner vs. 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2016 Toyota 4Runner Jeep Grand Cherokee Florida
Searching for an off-road capable and family-friendly large SUV only leaves you with a handful of options, with the 2016 Toyota 4Runner and the Jeep Grand Cherokee taking the lead. Each of these vehicles truly excels on trails and is large enough to provide the cargo space a family needs.... [read more]

Top 5 Golf Courses in Venice, Florida

Looking for premier golfing destinations to visit in Venice, FL? Look no further. Pelican Pointe Golf and Country Club Pelican Pointe Golf and Country Club is an oasis that awaits you.  Whether you desire golf, tennis, swimming, fitness, weddings, anniversaries or social functions, Pelican Pointe is the place that has it all.  Imagine if you... [read more]