Give the Gift of Self-Care for Your Next Occasion

Valentine's Day Self Care
Finding the right gift is hard work. You spend countless hours thinking about what your loved one will want, but you never seem to deliver the goods. Change that this year by giving the gift of self-care. Your special someone would love to spend some time at a Venice spa or... [read more]

9th Annual Sarasota Masters Art Festival

Sarasota Masters Art Festival
One of the fascinating things about the Sarasota area is that every January and February, there is a ton of festivals, many having gone on for years. One of these is the 9th Annual Sarasota Masters Art Festival. If you love fine arts and crafts, you don’t want to miss... [read more]

24th Annual Sarasota Highland Games and Celtic Festival

Highland Games
If you love festivals but find yourself bored of traditional events, you should attend the 24th Annual Sarasota Highland Games and Celtic Festival. Whether you want to go with friends or take the entire family, everyone will have a blast. In fact, even smaller children will drive you nuts next... [read more]

Attend the Annual Fine Arts and Craft Festival and Concert

Fine Arts & Crafts Festival
Whether you go to one or all three days, you’ll have a great time at the 26th Annual Fine Arts & Craft Festival and the Bandana Bash Concert. Like every year, this event is hosted by the Venice-Nokomis Rotary Club, known for doing great things to help the community. Festival Details You... [read more]

How Far Can My Toyota Camry Get on a Tank of Gas?

Toyota Camry Venice
You love to zip around Venice, Florida, in your 2016 Ford Camry. Sometimes, you even like to take it past Venice for a cross-country vacation. Before you leave home, though, you want to know just how far your Camry can get you on a tank of gas. When you figure... [read more]

6th Annual Sarasota Winter Fine Arts Festival

Fine Arts Festival
Whether you live in Venice, Florida, or are just visiting this winter, get ready to stay busy. Every year, this city hosts all kinds of events, including the 6th Annual Sarasota Winter Fine Arts Festival. You can go with a friend or family member or just spend some quality alone... [read more]

60th Annual Orchids Expos Show and Sale

Orchid Expo Show
If you love flowers, you don’t want to miss the 60th Annual Orchids Expo Show and Sale in Sarasota, Florida. Regardless if you attended last year or not, going to this event is a great way to see traditional and exotic species. Head to the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium on either... [read more]

Ring in 2018 with the Sarasota NYE Pineapple Drop

Pineapple Drop 2018
Every town has its traditions. Oftentimes, New Year's Eve is a time for those traditions to really show the character of the town and its community. Georgia has the Peach Drop, New York has the famous BallDrop, and there's even a town in Alabama that does a Peanut Drop. But... [read more]

Venice Farmers Market

If you’re tired of spending too much time at the grocery store, think about starting to shop a different way. Every Saturday morning from 8 a.m. until noon, the community in Venice gets together to create the Venice Farmers Market. Vendors from all across the area come out to sell... [read more]

1927 Historic Train Depot Tours Make for the Perfect Adventure

Venice wouldn’t be the city it is today if it weren’t for the town train depot. This structure was built in 1927, and it helped bring more people and industry to the area. Before that date, the town was significantly smaller. The building was renovated in 2002 and 2003, and... [read more]