Take in Nature at Maxine Barritt Park

Couple riding bicycles in the park
Quiet, relaxing, and picturesque, Maxine Barritt Park is the perfect place to get back to nature. The park was built in 2010 and is known for its gorgeous views and relaxing atmosphere. If you need to step away from it all for a bit, let your GPS point the way... [read more]

Spend a Day on the Water With These Boat Tours

Summer boat tours
Venice looks great from the road, but it looks even better from the water. You can check out the city while riding the waves by taking a boat tour. These tours will show you amazing sights around Venice, FL. Take one of these boat tours and relax while viewing the... [read more]

Taste Fresh Foods at the Farmer’s Market

Father and daughter buying on farmers market
Let’s cut right to the chase. Fresh food is often considered to be better. Sure, frozen veggies and beef will work in a pinch, but they aren’t as flavorful as fresh food is. Fortunately, you can head to the Detwiler’s Farm Market and get all of the fresh food you... [read more]

5 Ways Regular Oil Changes Protect Your Toyota

Change engine oil soon warning light on dashboard
You like to push the limits in life, and that includes extending the time between oil changes. How much can it hurt if you drive an extra thousand or so miles between oil changes, right? It turns out it can hurt quite a bit. Regular oil changes protect your Toyota... [read more]

Visit Classic Cars on the Showroom Floor

Classic Car
Do you love classic cars, but hate having to wait for the next car show to come around? You can see some of the best classic cars around at the Ideal Classic Cars Museum and Showroom. Part dealership, part museum, the showroom is the perfect spot for car enthusiasts. You... [read more]

Looking for a Budget-Friendly Date? Check Out These Ideas in Venice

budget-friendly date idea
Do you want to impress your date, but don’t have a lot of extra cash? Fancy meals and out-of-town getaways might be impossible, but you can still have lots of fun. The city of Venice offers a number of budget-friendly date options that are perfect for couples who are watching... [read more]

Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding in Venice, FL

beach wedding
Have you been dreaming about having the perfect wedding since you were a child? Well now, it’s about to come true. You are about to exchange vows with the person of your dreams, and you probably can’t wait! Before you say “I do,” though, you need to do a little... [read more]

Enjoy a Venice Staycation at One of These Beachfront Hotels

walking on wet sandy beach
You have won the geographical lottery. You live in Venice, which means you are close to some amazing beachfront hotels. You don’t have to take a cross-country trip to enjoy a vacation. Instead, you can book a room at one of the top hotels and have the staycation of your... [read more]

Getting Ready to Leave for College

College University sign and building
Getting ready to leave for college can be exciting, but it can also be a little terrifying if you don't feel prepared. If you are going to be heading off to college soon, there are some things that you should start doing now in order to feel ready to go... [read more]