Tacoma Access vs. Double Cab: What’s the Difference?

Tacoma Venice

Start configuring your Toyota Tacoma, and you will notice that there are multiple different choices to make. One of the first things you will need to decide is which cabin style you want: the Access Cab or Double Cab. The main differences between these two are size and seating, but there are some other variations, as well. To make an educated decision between the two, you need to be aware of what sets them apart.

Truck Bed and Wheelbase Options

Because of the difference in sizes of the Access and Double Cab, they each come with their own unique truck bed and wheelbase options. The Access Cab is only available with a wheelbase measuring 127.8 inches and a truck bed that is 73.7 inches. Going with the Double Cab lets you pick from two configurations. You can stick to the short, 127.4-inch wheelbase with a 60.5-inch truck bed or go with a longer 141-inch wheelbase paired with the 73.7-inch bed.

Interior Space

The biggest difference between the Access Cab and Double Cab in the Toyota Tacoma is their size. The Access Cab is smaller; although it has a backseat, this area can be a bit cramped for adults. It also only fits four people and has two doors. The Double Cab, on the other hand, has rear bulkhead storage, four doors, seating for five, and a 60/40-split rear seat.

If you need help choosing between the two cab styles of the Toyota Tacoma, talk to the team at Venice Toyota. We typically recommend the Double Cab to Venice, Florida, families and the Access Cab to individuals who don’t plan to use the rear seats often or prefer more power and traction.