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How Far Can My Toyota Camry Get on a Tank of Gas?

Toyota Camry Venice
You love to zip around Venice, Florida, in your 2016 Ford Camry. Sometimes, you even like to take it past Venice for a cross-country vacation. Before you leave home, though, you want to know just how far your Camry can get you on a tank of gas. When you figure... [read more]

The History of the Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Venice
One of the best-selling vehicles in the automotive industry, the Toyota Camry has a long and successful history based on recognized value, reliability, fuel efficiency, and safety. Toyota introduced the first-generation Camry in 1983 as a sedan or liftback with a choice of a 2-liter 4-cylinder with a 5-speed manual transmission... [read more]

Technology Available in the Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Technology Venice
Take advantage of the latest technology while driving your Toyota Camry around Venice. The Camry is one of the most popular sedans in Florida, and for good reason. This Toyota is affordable yet packed with features and available in several different trim levels. Every model comes standard with a basic... [read more]

Toyota Camry vs. Honda Accord

Toyota Camry Honda Accord Venice
Consider joining the numerous Venice drivers who own a Toyota Camry. The Camry is known for its incredible reliability and range of options. Even with so many positives, the Camry faces some tough competition from the Honda Accord, another popular model. Some experts say that picking between the two models... [read more]

Toyota Camry vs. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Camry Corolla Venice
Figure out which Toyota sedan is right for your needs by taking a closer look at two of the most popular models, the Camry and Corolla. Each of these has excellent reliability ratings and comes with the excellent Toyota warranty, including two years of ToyotaCare and Roadside Assistance. You just... [read more]