Take Your Dog to Brohard Paw Park

Going for a walk in the park

Your dog is always excited to hit the road. He loves traveling, even if you stay around town. You can do just that by taking him to the Brohard Paw Park by South Brohard Beach. Your pup will get to do his two favorite things. He will get to ride in the car, and then he will get to frolic and play at the park.

About the Park

This dog park has it all. First, it has a fenced-in area where your dog can run and play. Take him off his leash and let him go wild. If there are other dogs there, he will get to play with them. If not, he can just go crazy running from one end of the fence to the next.

After he has his fill playing at the dog park, take a short walk over to the beach. This is the only pet-friendly beach in the area. Your dog can play in the sand and go for a swim. Bring a tennis ball if your dog likes to fetch. He will love going out to the water to get the ball.

Keep in mind that if you and your pup travel to South Brohard Beach, you’ve gone too far. South Brohard Beach is open to humans only.

Dog Beach Amenities

If you go to the beach with your pup, you will have access to various amenities, including human and dog drinking fountains, benches, picnic tables, and showers. All of these amenities mean you and your pup can spend the entire day out at the beach. Pack a lunch of human and dog food and chill for the whole day at the park.

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