Take in Nature at Maxine Barritt Park

Young family blowing bubbles in the park

Quiet, relaxing, and picturesque, Maxine Barritt Park is the perfect place to get back to nature. The park was built in 2010 and is known for its gorgeous views and relaxing atmosphere. If you need to step away from it all for a bit, let your GPS point the way to this outdoor location.

Take a Walk Around the Pond

Many people go to the park to access the paved walking trails that go around the small pond. The loop is 0.60 miles long, so you can go for a short stroll or make several laps to get in your exercise for the day. At any given time, you will see people peacefully strolling or working up a sweat while running. The path is wide enough for everyone to go at his or her own pace without feeling rushed.

Have a Picnic

The park also has a large picnic pavilion with grills for people to access. You can have a family reunion or grab a picnic lunch with a few close friends. Either way, you will enjoy some beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico as you sit at the picnic pavilion. You will likely want to snap a picture or two after you finish lunch.

An Excellent Location

Maxine Barritt Park might put you in the middle of nature, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t close to some other attractions. The park is right next to the Brohard Paw Park, Venice Fishing Pier, and Sharky’s restaurant. That makes it easy to go to the park and then hit other hotspots before heading home. If you want to spend a day out on the town, start at the park and work your way out to other locations.


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