Save Money with these Things to do Near Venice, FL Under $10 this Summer

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Spending less money on activities is something we all ideally want to happen. But, just because you are spending less doesn’t mean you will have any less fun! Sarasota, FL is right outside Venice, FL and it is full of tons of options to pursue! Oh, and did we mention that the activities are either free or under $10. You heard me, they are great activities that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. So, let’s check out these top 10 ways to spend your day near Venice that will have you raving.

Have Yourself a Relaxing Beach Day

Known as one of the most beautiful cities on the Gulf, Venice Beach is the best way to spend a day. Pack up your own lunch and bust out the suntan lotion and have yourself a day at the beach! Also, just a short drive away is Siesta Beach located in Sarasota. Voted number 1 & 2 for Dr. Beaches list in 2016 you will not regret this decision. Also, in the area are Longboat, Lido, and Manasota beaches that are all beautiful and perfect for public access. The cost is free of charge and you will be able to keep the kids busy for hours playing in the sand. So, get your beach chair ready and head on down to these awesome options!

 Grill out & Chill out

While at the beach you can even save some money on dinner for the night. Go to your local grocery store and by getting some fixings and grill options! You can grill right on the beach and have yourself a tiny BBQ. At Siesta Beach or Lido Beach, you will have total access to grill areas and picnic tables. So, bring your own food and enjoy a perfect dinner with a waterfront view! For a look at easy BBQ options and recipes check out this link here.

Live Music Scene

Get the whole family together and sing along to some tunes every Sunday night. You can expect live performances every Sunday at Siesta Beach. So, bust out your lawn chair and blanket and head on down for this free concert event every weekend!

Go to the movies for $5

We are all too familiar with the movie theaters burning holes in our pockets. Just the cost of concessions alone truly adds up. Despite these cost continuously getting worse, you now have other options! Sarasota’s Parkway 8 Cinema makes this possible. Now you and your whole family can go to the movies for less than the standard price of one normal adult ticket at a regular theater. Matinee tickets are $2 and evening showings are just $2.50.

Cool Down at the Pool

Nothing is more unbearable than the Florida heat and humidity. To beat the heat make sure you check out the Lido Pool which is right next to the Lido Beach. The pool is open seasonally from Tuesday-Saturdays and it is only $2 for children under 12 and $4 for everyone else! You will never have to worry about staying cool with these hot deals!

Relax in Island Park

Island Park is the ultimate destination for Summer fun! It is located at 1 Marina Plaza so make sure you get ready for a day of fun! Let the kids run around or simply go for a relaxing stroll. Either way, it is 100% free.

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