Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding in Venice, FL

Love written in the sand for a beach wedding

Have you been dreaming about having the perfect wedding since you were a child? Well now, it’s about to come true. You are about to exchange vows with the person of your dreams, and you probably can’t wait! Before you say “I do,” though, you need to do a little planning. Follow a few tips to plan the perfect beach wedding.

Think About Accessibility

You might love the idea of taking your shoes off and feeling the sand between your toes, but it might not be the same for Grandma. If you have any elderly guests or guests with special needs, make sure you have the proper accommodations in place. You can always talk to the event staff to find out what you need to do to ensure everyone has a great time, and is able to watch you make your vows.

Learn the Tide Schedule

Most indoor ceremonies don’t get swept away in the tide, but the fear is real on the beach. If you don’t know when the tide is going to roll in, you could have a BIG surprise during your ceremony. Check the tide schedule before you set a time for your wedding.

Make Your Voice Heard

When you are indoors, you have the benefit of acoustics. That isn’t the case by the beach, though. Then, to top it off, the waves can be quite loud, so your voices might get lost. So, how will people hear your charming vows? Use a sound system so everyone can hear you, including your 80-year-old grandmother who forgot to bring her hearing aids to the festivities.

Dress the Part

It’s pretty necessary to think about what to wear when getting married on the beach. Go with a light fabric that will be comfortable in the heat of the day. Also, light fabrics move more than heavy fabrics do, and that movement looks great on the beach. (That’ll make for some great photos!)

Make Sure the Sun Is Up

A moonlight beachfront ceremony might seem romantic, but you probably won’t be able to see the water. At night, it will most likely look black. Have your ceremony during the daytime so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful views.

Pick the Right Venue

You have a lot to consider when choosing the venue for your wedding on the beach. Fortunately, you have lots of beachside options right around Venice. Get married right on the beach at the Palm Island Resort, Lido Beach Resort, or Hyatt Regency Sarasota. These are some of the top options when it comes to having a beachfront wedding.

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