Suncoast Restaurants to Take Dad to for Father’s Day

cheeseburger and fries on restaurant table for Father’s Day dinner

It’s almost time for Father’s Day, and you can honor you dad by taking him out to eat on the Suncoast. Sure, dad is the grill master – but sometimes, he likes to put the tongs away and get treated to a meal. Check out some of the best places to wine and dine dear dad… or burger and fry him, if that’s what he prefers.

Mad Dogs

Mad Dogs might not be the traditional Father’s Day stop, but maybe your dad isn’t a traditional guy. If he’s a little quirky and loves hot dogs, then you need to take him to Mad Dogs. This place has some unique hot dog options, such as the cobb salad dog. If your dad has a big appetite, suggest the Attila the Hun-ster. There is plenty of dog to go around with this bad boy. If he’s more of a barbecue guy, encourage him to try the Southern Comfort dog. Picture this: pulled pork, slaw, and a hot dog all combined together. That is a great way to make a meal! You just might start a new Father’s Day tradition at this neat little restaurant.

Dockside Waterfront Grill

Enjoy views of the water with dad at Dockside Waterfront Grill. The lobster roll is divine. It’s so good you would be hard-pressed to find one better even if you travel to Maine. The restaurant is also known for its crab cakes. No matter what you order off of the menu at this local spot, you are sure to be satisfied.

BrewBurgers Pub and Grill

Is your dad a burger and fry type of guy? BrewBurgers Pub and Grill will deliver just what he’s looking for in a meal. See if you can find a better burger anywhere in the Venice area. It’s highly unlikely that you will. The burgers are incredibly fresh and seasoned to perfection, and the fries are unbelievable. You can order some unique food, including a burger with shrimp on it.

Darrell’s Restaurant

If your dad has never been to Darrell’s Restaurant, he is in for a real treat. Have him start the meal with the pork rinds. You won’t find pork rinds at many restaurants, and these are so much better than the ones you can get at the store. The fried chicken is also divine. Actually, naming off top menu choices is a little ridiculous when it comes to Darrell’s. Everything is top-notch, all the way to the sauces and the mac and cheese!

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