Toyota Corolla vs. Nissan Sentra

Toyota Corolla Nissan Sentra Florida

Search for your next compact sedan to drive around Florida, and you may find yourself comparing the Toyota Corolla to the Nissan Sentra. The Corolla is the more popular of the two models, and for good reason, given Toyota’s extreme reliability. While the Sentra proves a tough competitor, drivers will be better off going with the Toyota Corolla.


At a quick glance, the Corolla and Sentra are very similar. Both are compact sedans with room for four passengers. They both come standard with 1.8-liter 4-cylinder gas engines, 6-speed manual transmissions in the base trim, and front-wheel drive. They even have starting prices within $520 of each other with identical destination fees. However, the two sedans are packed with differences.

Fuel Economy

Both the Corolla and Sentra offer more than one transmission, making it easiest to compare the base models. The base Sentra gets a respectable 27 mpg in the city, 36 mpg on the highway, and 31 mpg combined. While these numbers are good, the base Toyota Corolla increases each of these figures by 1 mpg, which can add up to significant savings over the 10 years or more you drive your sedan. Keep in mind that the Corolla gets slightly better fuel economy despite the models having nearly identical engines. In fact, both the Sentra and Corolla produce 128 pound-feet of torque, but the Corolla generates 2 more horsepower with 132 horses.

Interior Space

The front seats in the Nissan Sentra are slightly larger, but with 38.3 inches of headroom and 42.3 inches of legroom, the Toyota Corolla has enough space for even the tallest passengers. The Corolla takes the lead in terms of rear-seat space with an extra 0.4 inches of headroom and 4 full inches more legroom than the Sentra, giving second-row passengers 41.4 inches to stretch their legs.

Whether you need help choosing between the Toyota Corolla and other similar models or are ready to take it for a test drive around Venice, Florida, the team at Venice Toyota can assist you.

Toyota Corolla Nissan Sentra Florida

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