Visit Our Local Bakeries in Venice for a Great Treat!

sweets in bakeries

You love baked goods, but when it comes to actually doing the baking, you aren’t exactly a fan. It’s messy and complicated, not to mention that it can be really expensive. You gather a bunch of ingredients that you will only use one time, so you end up spending $20 on a muffin. That’s hardly the way to live. Avoid suffering from baking fatigue by going to a Venice, Florida bakery. These bakeries know how to deliver all of the fresh-baked goods you could possibly want. Plus, they have specialties that you will want to try. Get ready to dig into the good stuff at these bakeries.

Croissant & Co

Every good bakery has a specialty, and you can probably guess what that is at Croissant & Co. Yep, that’s right. It specializes in croissants. They bake their own, and the freshness is unrivaled. Try to find a croissant that tastes as good as one from Croissant & Co, and you will come up empty-handed and disappointed.

What if you don’t like croissants? Then, you need to dig into the fruit tart. The crust is sturdy enough to support it, but it still manages to crumble at the right time. The fruit will pop in your mouth, and it isn’t too tart. To put it simply, “yum”.

Yummies Donuts & BBQ

Donuts and barbecue? Yes, please! Yummies Donuts & BBQ knows how to bring it when it comes to delicious food, especially the apple fritters. Let’s break it down. The apple fritters are nicely glazed, and the flavor is the perfect combination of apple and cinnamon. Filled donuts more your thing? Try the vanilla iced raspberry jam. This bakery loads up on the filling and icing, so you will have more than enough to satisfy your craving. You will probably go into a sugar coma when you’re done, because one treat just won’t be enough! But it will be well worth it. Oh, and you do know that they have barbecue too, right?

Upper Crust Café and Bakery

The Upper Crust Café and Bakery has a lot of choices, but the main attraction at this local spot is the scones. They are fresh, and there are lots of great options available. You have six flavors to choose from, and they all come with Devonshire cream. So, what if you aren’t sure if you like scones? Go ahead and try them anyway. They are just that good! Upper Crust Café and Bakery has converted more than one person who didn’t like scones into a true believer.

Now that you know where to get the best baked goods, you might be wondering how you are going to get there. Are you going to take your old car to the best bakeries around, or are you going to trade up for something better? If you said “trade up,” you’ve made a great choice! Visit Venice Toyota in Venice, Florida and pick out your new Toyota today.