Celebrate the City of Venice With the 90th Birthday Party

Venice 90th Birthday Party

The city of Venice, Florida, officially turned 90 years old in May, but we are still celebrating this momentous occasion. After all, it is not every year that you celebrate nine decades of rich history. The next event in this celebratory year is the Venice Beach Party, and it is sure to excite.

Earlier Celebrations for Venice’s Anniversary

Since Venice’s official anniversary was on May 9, the city had plenty of festivities on that day, if you remember correctly. That Tuesday, Venice Heritage hosted a celebration at Lord-Higel House, the second-oldest home in Sarasota County. They also buried a time capsule that we’ll open in a decade for Venice’s centennial celebration. Don’t worry if you missed out, you can still celebrate Venice at the upcoming Beach Party.

Where to Celebrate

The upcoming Venice Beach Party: Music & Beer Festival has happened for several years now, but this year it is extra special, as it also celebrates the city’s 90th anniversary. The event will be on Venice Public Beach along The Esplanade South. It starts at 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 23 and will go until 8 p.m.

Beach Party with Music and More

The Venice Beach Party is your chance to celebrate the city and its history with the community, and have plenty of fun doing it. There will be a great lineup of bands taking the stage throughout the afternoon. The music will start with Sarasota Steel Pan Band, who will be followed by Kettle of Fish before Tropical Ave takes the stage to finish the night.

What Should You Bring?

Although you should definitely consider bringing a lawn chair with you to the Venice Beach Party in honor of the city’s 90th birthday, you don’t need to bring anything. Consider bringing a snack or some water to stay hydrated, but leave your coolers and pets at home. You don’t need to bring any money, as this event is free, and there is no need for a babysitter; the kids are welcome.

A Brief History of Venice

With Venice’s 90th birthday this year, it is the perfect time for a refresher about the city’s history. A group of Native Americans, the Calusas, lived here more than 12,000 years ago and even in the 16th century, when the Spanish occupied a great deal of Florida. At that time, a great deal of the southern coast was wilderness.

The first real group of settlers arrived in the 1800s when the city was first called Horse and Chaise. This name changed to Venice in 1888 at the suggestion of Frank Higel, a settler who others called the Father of Venice. He chose the name since this Florida city reminded him of his Italian home.

Venice grew during the early 1900s when a wealthy Chicago widow, Bertha Honore Palmer, bought 140,000 acres of wilderness, including half of it in the area. The city kept growing, and it connected to Miami and Tampa via a two-lane road in 1923. Then, it was incorporated in 1927.

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