Venice Farmers Market

If you’re tired of spending too much time at the grocery store, think about starting to shop a different way. Every Saturday morning from 8 a.m. until noon, the community in Venice gets together to create the Venice Farmers Market. Vendors from all across the area come out to sell their wares. Why don’t you check out what’s on offer this Saturday? Whether you just need some fruits and vegetables or you want the freshest seafood around, you’ll be able to find what you need. Take a look at these tips to help you get the most out of your farmers market experience.

Bring Bags or a Wagon

This isn’t like your local grocery store. Some vendors might not offer bags, and if you’re planning on getting a lot of food to save and freeze, you might even need a wagon to carry everything. However, if you’re just doing your shopping for the week, you should be fine with bringing some canvas or reusable bags. Not only are these more environmentally friendly, they are stronger than plastic bags, which can easily break if you put something heavy into them. Since you’re going to be handling produce, it’s best to have something sturdy to put it in.

Leave Your Cards at Home

Some vendors will accept credit or debit cards, but most are going to prefer that you use cash. Farmers markets are often pretty busy, and it slows the vendor down a lot to stop and scan a card. Therefore, it’s usually going to be best if you can stop by the ATM before coming to the market so you can get some cash. Be sure to bring small bills so nobody has to make change for you.

Ask Questions

It might be strange to ask detailed questions about the produce when you go to a normal grocery store, but the vendors here actually want to talk about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You may see some fruits and vegetables that you’ve never seen before, so it never hurts to figure out what you’re looking at. Plus, building relationships with local farmers, fishermen, and artisans helps foster a supportive and sustainable community that thrives.

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