Venice Nurseries For A Summer Garden


You’re not going to win Yard of the Month just sitting at home, watching TV. You have to get your hands dirty to win, and that starts with a trip to a local nursery. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Venice is home to some of the best nurseries in the country. After all, the people of Venice love to garden, so these nurseries are in high demand.

MRT Lawn and Garden Center

The MRT Lawn and Garden Center is a local favorite. This is one of the largest tropical garden centers in the entire state, so if you can’t find it here, you might need to stop looking. The garden center has all kinds of plants available, plus everything else you need for landscaping. Need some sod? MRT Lawn and Garden Center has it. What about some decorative pots? Again, this place has you covered. You can even get rugs, arbors, and more. This is the place to go for all your outdoor needs.

Oak Farms Nursery

You can skip over to nearby Englewood to go to Oak Farms Nursery. This place has the best service around, hands down. This is basically how it works. You pull up at the nursery, where a staff member greets you. The guy or gal will ask you what you want, and then he or she will draw up a plan. Next thing you know, your personalized shopper is taking you around the nursery, helping you pick out the right plants. It’s like having your own landscaper at your service.

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Hazeltine Nurseries

Regardless of your landscaping needs, Hazeltine Nurseries has you covered. The garden center really has it all. Need a palm tree? Stop by and pick it up. Maybe you’re in the market for a Bird of Paradise. You can get that here, too. You can even get a Christmas tree during the holiday season. This place doesn’t just sell items. The staff will even design and build your landscape for you if you want. With so much to offer, this just might be the only garden center you ever need to visit.

When you create and maintain a garden, you have to run back and forth to nurseries a lot. You have to haul your plants to your house, and that means you count on your vehicle to get the job done. Get an upgrade at Venice Toyota in Venice, Florida. Our safe and reliable vehicles are perfect for all those trips to the local nursery. Stop by, look through our inventory, and take one home today.